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NJ thrift stores help rescue cats

Amy Buckman | Saving With 6abc | Aug. 5, 2009

OCEAN CITY, New Jersey - August 5, 2009 (WPVI) -- Downtown Ocean City, New Jersey, offers visitors all sorts of attractions, including two unusual thrift shops.

At Mew to You (1034 Asbury Avenue) and Mew to You, Too (959 Asbury Avenue), you can pick up some great bargains and also help support "CATS" -- Citizens Altering the Strays of Cape May and Atlantic counties.

"The public has been very generous in donating all sorts of things from toasters to Lenox china. You can find all sorts of things here. The money raised by the shop pays for spaying and neutering cats and kittens," 

 explains Judy Cantin, of C.A.T.S.

Among the bargains we found:


  • Lenox vase - $20

  • Six place settings of dishes - $12

  • Working printer -- with ink -- - $10

  • Dresser - $150

The stores also have all sorts of things to help vacationers fill their days, including board games, books and toys. But an even bigger attraction is in the back of the store, where the rescued kittens are kept. "The children like to come in here and see the kittens and play with them, " Cantin explains.

The kittens are all adoptable. $80 covers the cost of having them spayed, neutered and vaccinated. Last year, the CATS organization rescued 432 strays at the shore.

Pet over-population is a big problem. There are too many cats and kittens and not enough homes. We try to keep them out of the facilities where they are euthanized.

-Judy Cantin

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