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Education & Care

Be the best cat parent to your new addition 

From increasing self-esteem, alleviating depression, teaching children (and adults) responsibility, to their connection with ancient Egypt and mindfulness, rescue cats bring so much to our lives. Click below to learn more reasons why adopting from Cape-Atlantic C.A.T.S. could be the best decision you make!

40 Reasons to Adopt from a Rescue Shelter

Specifically Cape-Atlantic C.A.T.S.

One Cat Is Paralyzed and the Other Is “Wobbly,” Yet They Live Like Queens


Image by The Lucky Neko

Welcoming Home Your Furry Baby 

I Cats International

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The Feline Menu

I Feline Behavior Biz

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Willing to Bet That Your Cat Hates Her Litter Box -- Here's Why


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Choosing the Right Cat For Your Family

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Cats Just Want To Have Fun

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Interested in adopting?


If you have the home and the heart to make a furry little addition to your life, we will have the perfect match for you

Augie & Livi

Consider becoming a C.A.T.S. volunteer

Not ready to adopt?

If you love animals but can't adopt, volunteering is a great way to participate. As a volunteer you can help out in so many diverse and different ways. Whether helping out in our Mew to You store, taking cats to vet appointments or just spending some time with our adorable cats and kittens, volunteers are vital to our rescue and we could not exist without them. 


Sometimes, the best gift you can give to pets in need is your time. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities and change the life of an animal today. 

C.A.T.S. Volunteers in Action

Interested in one of our volunteer opportunities?

We'd love to have you. Contact us now to learn more how you can make a difference in the life of an animal today

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Ready to Adopt?

Fill out our adoption application form and change the life of an animal today! 


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It is your generous support that allows us to continue saving our little corner of the world, one cat at a time

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